Are you tried to find the right computer service provider or computer Maintenance Company? Still looking for IT Solutions? Don’t frustrate!!....... Just Talk To Us !!!! SIS TECHNO (Specialized Information System Technology), has designed right products to meet your need. We offer all type of IT Solutions for our clients 24*7 with no hassle and Make I.T Easy.

Sis Techno Pvt Ltd.

“At SIS TECHNO(Specialized Information System Technology), our mission is to develop and provide technologies, products and services to keep clients IT resources free from troubles at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership” A humble beginning When we started this project back in 2000, it would have been hard to imagine that today the company would have so many reputed organizations in its client list, and that we would have such a good number of professionals working full time to take it to the highest level. There is no doubt that our impressive history confirms our ability and the value of our work, but we can’t rest on our laurels. The future is much more important to us.

Today, after more than Fifteen years of constant endeavor of reaching new heights, the company has various divisions, thereby becoming a virtual supplier of Information and Technology Domain under one umbrella. We are into Hardware, Software,Networking, Services, Security and Communications to name a few. Taking ahead our efforts to make it a world class provider, SIS TECHNO ventured into Hardware supplies and its maintenance with a strong brand presence of IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Emerson, APC,HP,DELL to back it. Today we have proud in claiming that we are one of the preferred suppliers in State, in terms of IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Emerson, APC, HP, DELL and related Hardware.

We, at SIS TECHNO, do not believe in product selling, we strive to create and develop a long lasting relationship, so that the customers are comfortable at any point of time in dealing with IT related matters. It has been an underlined objective of SIS TECHNO, to let the respective IT heads of our reputed clients, to be at ease in all situations, be it the Timely supplies, Accurate feedback, Prompt Services and keeping them abreast of New and Cost effective technical inputs. Today, SIS TECHNO enjoys long and fruitful relations with IBM India, Lenovo, Acer reciprocating each others requirements and ambitions apply. Further, taking the association to another level, SIS TECHNO entered the Exciting but challenging area of providing Software and hardware Development, implementation and support.

Our Strength
  • Professionally managed company
  • Using Best technology & product globally available.
  • Philosophy of the company is after sales Service
Sis Techno Pvt Ltd.
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